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Customizing Grandma's recipes

to complete every occasion! 

Growing up, I always loved my grandma's treats! Every get together was completed by some special dessert, a bunny-shaped cake for Easter, lemon bars for the family picnic, pumpkin pie in the fall, or a tray full of cookies for the holidays. Grandma made it all!

When I got old enough, I started to bake with grandma. She taught me how much fun it was to make the recipes, how to feel when things were just right, and how to appreciate watching others enjoy it more than just enjoying it ourselves. Grandma has since become known as GiGi by her great-grandchildren, and has given me the honor of baking her recipes.

In 2007, I started customizing GiGi's recipes for family and friends' events. Let me customize them for you, and complete all of your occasions, big and small, with a sweet treat for all to enjoy!